by Prof. Augusto Orsi

Locarno May 2007

In my opinion, at an exhibition the paintings should speak by themselves, telling the observer what they have to say and what they(the observers) seek.

In this particular exhibition, CUTS, I think my present comments are justified for two reasons: to help you discover in these paintings, somethings special and unique, and give you some biographical information about the author.

JOHN VINCENT is a young multimedia artist from England, with a surname that vaguely sounds Italian.

CUTS, translate freely as cuttings.

Scraps of purely urban life and especially British, not for what they show, but rather what they suggest. These unique and unrepeatable moments were observed, photographed and painted in a hyperrealist manner with a full body of colours, by an observer, a creator able to highlight the essence of what he wants to represent.

There is always a "character" in the image, sometimes a human being (usually women, intent to do something, getting shelter from the rain, waiting, withdraw money) or things, because even these, in CUTS, are "characters" who have a life (the first bus stop by the house's empty windows, or an empty house where perhaps nobody lives any more.

Not merely bi-dimentional canvas, but present and tangible are the particular atmospheres in the paintings, there is often a sense of longing for or of waiting in expectation and mostly that of solitude.

The social oil painting by John Vincent aroused curiosity and gave rise to a desire to learn more about the places depicted, but mainly on the characters. We would like to know about who they are and the places of their lives, Vincent provides a few clues. The rest is left to our imagination.

Emblematic here is the painting of a young woman with Tizianeschi hair, you do not see the face. Who is she? What does she think or do? Mystery!

The mystery becomes a thriller in the lower gallery room, the shows, where in a sequences from "virtual horror" and Hitchockiane reminiscences (a bird in a canvas), the artist has depicted a murder (one crime).

This terrible event, strikes me and fascinates me, the portrait, and the true nature of a woman, a victim or executioner? face and expressive eyes that speak through her eyes tell a story of blood. This painting impresses, drives to a strong thought and leaves its mark.

In my view all the works of John Vincent have the following characteristics: strong narrative, each painting tells a story, intense hues and colours filled the presence of an external eye that guide us We see everything that he wants us to see or not see.

5th May - 23rd June 2007
Galleria d'Arte
Fondazione Patrizio Patelli
Locarno, Switzerland

Curated by Reza Khatir