Back in the mid 90s an interest in coding (and game creation) lead to the creation of a game called 'The Witching Hour' on the unsual (yet great!) ZX Spectrum successor, the SAM Coupe.

Fairly recently, I created a cover for its re-release on retro magazine SAM Revival. The game was reviewed here and my short bio page is on World of SAM.

Here is an image (courtesy of Colin Piggot, Quazar/SAM Revival):

HTML, CSS & JQuery

After a long hiatus, I decided to get back in to programming I now produce my own websites in HTML & CSS as well as creating websites for others. To re-enter programming has been great allowing a greater flexibility and an understanding of what goes on 'under the hood.' As I have found, the structure of programming does not really change, just the language.

Web Design