I am an artist who works with digital and traditional media. I have exhibited and won awards as a Fine Artist painter, had work published as an Illustrator and Photographer and my video work has featured at exhibitions and screenings.

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The process I use is a blending of photographic or video fragments that are channelled through the actions of painting. The end result forms a narrative expressed either through oil paint or video. This pictorial narrative, when in paint, is of a moment in time that lends itself - in part - to the ‘film still’ whilst the video work often becomes a time based painting through the composition of elements. The subject is an exploration of the atmosphere generated by missing or hidden elements within the scene that convey a sense of mystery and the impression that a significant event has already occurred (or that is about to) which affects the visible characters or other components. Whilst this often involves the concealment of the identities it is also achieved by the interaction of characters with inanimate objects within the frame.

Please get in contact to commission new work, exhibit my work or collaborate on a project, or purchase exisiting work (originals or prints).


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